Laptop Repairs

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Laptop Repairs

Helpline:   07889 209080

At PC Medic we can look at all laptops and repair any issues with them. If you require a new screen or keyboard, call us for a quote.

Other repairs that are carried out by PC Medic would be DC power socket repairs, overheating or noisy laptop and hinge repairs. We can also upgrade the laptop with the latest software and updates, or if you require a new software program loaded to your laptop, all you have to do is contact us, and we will provide you with a free quote. Also, remember if you can't fix your problem there will be no charge.

There are four ways in which you can contact PC Medic.
1. Call us on 07889 209080 or 01389 764877
2. Email us on
3. Send us your request from our contact form - Click here
4. Send us a message on our Facebook page - Click here

Laptop Repairs from PC Medic

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