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At PC Medic we have contacts within the local area that we can pass you onto that can produce you a new fully mobile responsive website, or upgrade your current website to be more successful within the search engines. Also if you require your site to Google verify and with a proper SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) plan inserted, we can supply this and supply an ongoing monthly plan to bring the correct customers to your website. It's no point have a pretty website if your 'customers' can't find you through regular search.

Other areas would be a social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) or a Google Adwords marketing campaign. Both these can be set up to have a remarketing campaign which means any visitors that come on to your website will then be followed around the 'web' to remind them of your company.

For more examples of websites you could be built and mantained for your business, please go to, Dumbarton Web Design

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