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PC and Mac Repairs

Helpline:   07889 209080

At PC Medic we have many years of experience fixing all sort of problems with PC's and Apple Mac computers with they are in your house or part of a business network.

Home PC or Mac

We offer a no fix, no fee service at PC Medic for your home PC or Mac computers if they have a problem. Just let us know, and we will take a look and see what we can do to solve your issues. We can fix issues like the PC is not running as fast as it should and we will optimise the software to make it run faster. We can also upgrade your pc with more memory so it will be faster when running software programs and can enhance the computer to use new SSD drives which will make everything run faster.

PC and Mac's in the workplace

We also cater for businesses that would like their computers looked after by us. Offering a highly responsive service to ensure minimum downtime! Both software and hardware can be sourced for your specific needs. Be it, Microsoft Office, Norton Antivirus, Cloud backup or custom software support with new or existing packages. Hardware upgrades, Ram, SSD's etc

There are four ways in which you can contact PC Medic.
1. Call us on 07889 209080 or 01389 764877
2. Email us on info@pc-medic.biz
3. Send us your request from our contact form - Click here
4. Send us a message on our Facebook page - Click here

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