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PC Medic has the experience required to build any network that your home or business needs. We can set this up in any way you want and can do the full routing for the server, connecting all PC's, Mac and printers to the network. Computer networking is an essential part of any business network, and the speed factor of it is equally important.

Services that we offer on a networking front are both wired and wireless and can be set up in most environments. You would be amazed to see how many homes these days have a network set up in their houses, so all PC's and Apple Mac are connected to a server, where all the data is stored. This is also a good ideal so your data can be easily backup.

We can also add in network boosters, extenders and repeaters to your network making it more reliable and set up 3g/4g networks solutions if your within a rural area where traditional broadband is slow.

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